EDITORIAL |Gov. Masari Politics Where Evil Supersede Act Of Kindness During The Islamic Holy Month


Politics is about choice, the choice to choose a political party, the choice to contest for an election and the choice to assist a certain people of one choice without fear of intimidation, harassment that go against the rule of law from either security operatives or the incumbent government flexing unfair political powers to opposition unjustly.

Democracy under the leadership of ‘All people Congress’ is under attack and abused. The fundamental right of citizens to belong /express anything contrary to the interest of the ruling party is brutally and ruthlessly oppressed (APC Katsina state VS Umar Tat as a case study).

The political story of Umar Abdullahi Tsauri is the type that is characterized by unfair selective political persecution that has reached its climax in the holiest month of Ramadan and during the period of APC government under the leadership of Aminu Bello Masari.

Yesterday, 1/06/2017 as Muslims faithful waits to receive Umar Tata on bail after taking to court for offenses deemed to be politically motivated, were left in shock when the Judge failed to overrule on the bail request before him and ordered that the accused be remanded in prison custody.

As a Nigerian citizen and wealthy individual Umar Tata has the constitutional right to give out donation/assistance to a certain people living in a certain place outside his birthplace (state) and as well outside his country at large.  To even think a citizen of a certain country will be victimized, abused, and be remanded in prison custody for distributing & feeding FREE FOOD to the less privilege during the holiest month will certainly be an IRONY that signifies SATANIC wickedness.

But the aforementioned is not an IRONY but a reality in Katsina State which is govern by Muslim leaders whom have chosen to unleash their political might in the act of oppression.

Umar Tata intended to feed the less privileged in a local government called Dutsi for a complete period of the holiest Islamic month of Ramadan which has become a philanthropic Islamic tradition for wealthy individuals to feed less privileged people within a certain community.

For once in the history of humanity, will a certain people with power sent another person to prison just for feeding poor families residents of one of the worst poverty stricken areas in Katsina State.

What justification will APC Katsina & the Nigeria police Katsina Command give as reason for sabotaging Umar Tata acts of kindness to feed Muslim fasting in the month of Ramadan and at the same time flag off their OWN RAMADAN FEEDING PROGRAM under the supervision of Masari House-to-House campaign organization under the leadership of Hon. Tanimu Sada [SSA Special Duties] to Governor Masari?

What Justification will APC Katsina & Nigerian police command give as the reason to why Katsina State Governor Aminu Masari attended the flagging off of free Ramadan feeding program by Abubakar Tsanni [DG Think Nigeria First] in Tsanni town and even commended him for assisting the less privileged while Umar Tata was arrested by the police under the guise of an alleged petition and sent to prison custody for doing the same Ramadan free feeding of hungry innocent people of Dutsi LG.

The political arena in Katsina State is becoming unfavorable to the less privileged and the opposition parties. It is becoming scary and frustrating for Katsina people to identify themselves with the opposition or with groups perceived to hold contrary belief to that of the ruling party ‘APC’ in the state.

It is obviously evident beyond reasonable doubt the people of Katsina should expect more of these intimidations and persecutions for the remaining 2 years of APC tenure as the ruling party. It is also evident that democracy is under attack in Katsina unless the people remain firm and resolute in their fight against tyranny, injustice and political oppression by defending their right to express their opinion, their right to join a political party of one choice with full conviction on the brutal consequences for making the right decision for democracy to prevail without fear of intimidation and government oppression.

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