Photo News |Is SA Tanimu Sada Trying To Betray Gov. Masari Or A Double Agent?


SA Tanimu Sada & Fmr Gov Shema

Gov Aminu Masari’s special assistant on special duties Hon Tanimu Sada was seen with Masari’s fierce rival former Gov Ibrahim Shehu Shema taking ‘Selfie’ pictures which the SA posted on his Facebook timeline.

Some APC loyalist and cabinet members of Masari administration described the actions of Tanimu Sada as embarrassing that might lead to so many interpretations which will undermine the office of governor Masari.

Most of Masari loyalist felt it was rather an insult directly to the office of the Katsina state governor Aminu Bello Masari.

Some analyst believed that the picture taken translates to support and solidarity to Gov Shema by SA Tanimu Sada whom is supposed to protect the integrity of his master.

Yet Tanimu Sada is yet to respond to why he decided to show PICTORIAL loyalty to Gov Shema in a court of law and boldly sharing his pictorial solidarity to the public without cognizant of what Masari & his supporters will feel.


3 thoughts on “Photo News |Is SA Tanimu Sada Trying To Betray Gov. Masari Or A Double Agent?”

  1. I wonder why people are seeing this act of Tanimu Sada as something serious. He display the sense of maturity. People are so sentimental.

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