Buhari Senatorial District Witness The Worst Election Savagery & Ballot Snatching In The Mashi/Dutsi By-Election


Election is made to give people the absolute power to vote for people that will occupy various offices in our society.

The just concluded election for the MASHI/DUTSI by-election has generated so much momentum in the politics of Katsina State between APC led government and the opposition party PDP locking in a head-to-head battle to secure votes of their constituents.

APC under the leadership Aminu Bello Masari came to power in 2015 under the slogan of change, what this means was to have a shift of how bad things used be to laying a foundation that will reignite hope and trust between the people and their leaders.

Freedom to expression, freedom to vote freely without intimidation was his promises until a recent test of his sincerity over those promises made while he was campaigning for the governorship position.

It came as a surprise and shock to the people of Katsina when Gov. Masari unleash his terror and savagery over his threatening verbal threat to use the power vested in his hands as the governor of Katsina to win the by-election in MASHI/DUTSI federal constituency while using security agents with emphasis the Nigerian police as his stooge to intimidate, harass, arrest, and deny opposition parties the constitutional liberty to exercise their fundamental human right to campaign and assisting poor masses in Dutsi local government.

Umar Abdullahi Tata felt victim of Masari undemocratic & unconstitutional savagery when he was left with NO option taking into consideration how unpopular his party and anointed candidate was that led to the brutal political victimization of Umar Tata of PDP by sending police officers to stop him from feeding and distributing of food items to 2000 household for 1week. Masari stretched it further by arrest Umar Tata a day to MASHI/DUTSI election with NO clear justification that warrants his arrest.

On that faithful election date 20th of May, 2017 at around 10:00am when voting has begun, that is when the people realized how desperate Masari was and what he meant when he said he will use the power of his office as the NO.1 protector of his people to win the election of MASHI/DUTSI by-election in whatever way necessary and urged APC members to go out and fight deadly fights to win the election for him.

Soon after voters begun voting in ‘DUSTI B WARD’ with polling number 004 at ‘KUYA’ when Masari’s Special Adviser Hajia Binta Abba on Girl child education stormed the voting arena with Toyota Hilux filled with fully armed thugs accompanied by the Nigeria police and forcefully snatched election boxes causing injuries to lots voters present. But unknown to her there were existing footage of her evil unleachement of thugs that have deprived the masses from exercising their constitutional rights to vote which led to the cancellation of the polling unit with over 559 registered voters to vote.

The next polling unit that was attacked by APC leaders and their hired armed thugs was ‘Ruwan Kaya B’ with polling number 002 Under Dutsi, where they snatched the ballot boxes using thugs in the presence of security agents standing and watching like Zombies while democratic atrocities were committed leading to the cancellation of the center that PDP was leading comfortably.

Also Magami polling unit (003) with 508 registered voters was invaded when Hon Danlami Kurfi invaded the center with his wagon of thugs in 4 Toyota Hilux with fully armed thugs wearing red t-shirts and carted away election materials which also led to cancellation of the center once again depriving masses from exercising their rights to vote as stipulated by the Nigeria constitution.

Their savagery reached its peak when Matsakawa and Magami polling unit with both having more than 1,259 registered voters was hijacked by thugs brought by Masari special assistant Tanimu Sada and giving voters N1000 each at the same polling unit which is against INEC guidelines and regulations regarding sharing money on election day in polling centers while voting has commenced.

These are few among others on how the party (APC) that claimed to uphold justice and affairs as its core values.

The most embracing things is all these brutal thuggery by APC happened in president Buhari senatorial zone that is supposed to exhibit fairness, and justice that should have ensured the Buhari slogan ‘Change begins with me’ campaign but rather they proved how evil his state party is with zero decorum.

However, this is just a tip in the iceberg on what to expect come 2019 general election in Katsina state which is quite unfortunate to a party that preaches holiness while they are nothing but mere hypocrites behind the scene.

Democracy is under attack in Katsina and the once political impunity of our early democratic evilness is back with absolute determination to spoil the name of President Buhari senatorial district and home town.





2 thoughts on “Buhari Senatorial District Witness The Worst Election Savagery & Ballot Snatching In The Mashi/Dutsi By-Election”

  1. the just concluded election of mashi/dutsi is nothing but manifestation of abuse of power and lack of respect for humanity and constitution. But there’s danger ahead, come 2019

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