Gov. Masari Intentions That Proves He Is Determined To Rig Mashi/Dutsi By-Election


2 years before coming into power, Gov. Aminu Masari promised the people of Katsina State fairness, equality, justice and freedom to opposition parties to carry out their activities freely without intimidation in expressing their views including freedom to hold campaign gathering without fear of being harassed directly or indirectly.

Two years after winning election all those promises have now become a thing of the past which has now led to people thinking whether Gov Masari is the worst thing that could ever happen in the history of Katsina state.

It was 2 weeks ago, when his party APC conducted their primary election for the upcoming by-election for the MASHi /DUTSI house of reps come May 20th, 2017 that produced Mansur Ali Mashi.

Mansur Mashi is the current SA on Radio monitoring and the top HUNT DOG used by Gov. Masari to silent his critics on Radio station and social media by ascertain and using all measures including PRISON time for critics perceived to have crossed the red line.

Because of the same man Mansur Mashi Gov. Masari has vowed to use the power of soldiers, police and other security agencies to win the election of MASHI/DUTSI.

His determine savagery to win the election was proven when he sent in police troops to stop free distribution of food to neglected hungry masses of Dutsi local government by a popular politician and philanthropic Umar TATA.

Dutsi local government is a PDP strong hold with few APC supporters; this was proven by the massive turn out of PDP supporters during the campaign for the upcoming MASHI/DUTSI election.  The masses have already made their minds but after security agencies were sent to disrupt and prevent the poor neglected masses of Dutsi from benefiting in the kind gesture of TATA, they have sworn to vote against APC come Saturday May 20th, 2017.

The hatred has not stopped in Dutsi LG but has extended beyond MASHI LG to entire Katsina state.

Gov Masari is willing to unleash his savagery and undemocratic might to ensure an unloved, underserved bully in winning the MASHI/DUTSI election that will determine who will represent the once neglected & intimidated masses in the lower chamber of National Assembly Abuja.

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