I Am Tired Of Being An Orphan; Umar TATA Denounced PDP Membership-Read



It is with a heavy heart that I have to write this message to you, conscious of the fact that not only will I be misunderstood by many but this will be pleasing to those on the opposing camp. God knows that is not my intention. Talking about the opposing camp, I have sat down and thought over it severally as to why somebody should be in any camp different from my camp! Which is my camp you may ask. The camp of those willing to give so that others may live! To many of you, rightly or wrongly, you are unfortunately ascribing to me an ambition of wanting to rule Katsina by hook or by crook and to achieve that I am ready to do anything. You are wrong!

From 2011 – 2015 I worked tirelessly round the clock and in every nook and corner of the state working for my people and religion believing I was doing the right thing. I suffered beyond words can say in the hands of those who wanted to stop me in my track. I refused to stop. I kept trudging and moving to the d day when every Bakatsine had the chance to help or seal my fate on that day. We all know the result but what many didn’t know was I had only two reasons why I wanted to be Governor:

1) If i succeed in being a governor I will use the opportunity to expand and take further my humanitarian and religious works to where I could not reach:
2) If i fail I will have a justification to stand before my creator that i have used to the best of my ability the opportunity he gave me and success being His He did not give it to me.

I failed in the first but succeeded inshaa Allah in the later!

This being the case why then should I come back to politics so much so that I am being seen as reinventing the wheel all over again?

Several efforts were made to bring me back into politics which I rebuffed, particularly by Dawo Dawo Tata organisation. Despite my refusal they went ahead with their activities which many people read as coming from me, while in truth I was against it. While this was going on, a senior committee of PDP members came to me more than four times seeking to draft me into the party which I eventually yielded to on the following conditions:

1) I should accept to come back into politics but should remain on the sidelines until 2018
2) I should not invest a penny in whatever will be done until such a time that meaningful Investment will be necessary
3) That the party officials will be my leaders and will spearhead my movement until actual electioneering begins. This was done to correct previous experience where I was completely denied interaction with party officials before.

These were the conditions upon which I joined the party. It is a known fact that rather than adhering to the first and second conditions by being a passive member, I have been all over the state in a visible handshake with others to dust and revive the party.

Last Thursday, the State Working Committee of the party took a decision that all party officials involved with aspirants should choose to either be with the party and keep their positions or move over to the aspirants and resign their party positions. This I am sure was to create a level playing field for all. The problem is where were these aspirants when PDP was flat on the floor? All of them were made what they are by PDP but they abandoned the party when it needed them the most while on the other hand PDP did everything humanly possible to destroy me and I cannot point at one good thing in life I got through her.

This being the case, I have resolved that, 2011-2015 I was an orphan in PDP and I am not keen to start such life all over again. Rather than make my people resign I am the one to resign since I met them with their positions in the party and I will not want to make them lose it. I cannot do PDP alone and I am not going to start seeking all over for people I don’t know. With this I have resigned my membership of the party and will equally have my membership registration card effectively returned to my ward chairman.

I want to thank all those that invested in me for the confidence. Please know that I am not leaving PDP for another party no I just want to stay with my family in peace. I want to use this medium to please beg Dawo Dawo to please let me be. I came into this by respecting their wish and I hope for the first time they will respect my wish!

Long live PDP long live Katsina State.

In his remarks, The DG Media & communication TATA campaign organization Mustapha Radda urged PDP Katsina not to allow umar TATA to leave the pary

“Umar Tata decision is an advantage to the party PDP; history will remember TATA for reviving vibrant opposition in Katsina State”.

“Now is left for the party to convince Tata to withdraw and retrieve his membership card”.

“In as much as Katsina PDP wants to sustain its merit, then it should live in peace with TATA and not to allow him leave the party”.




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