EYE WITNESS | How Eyinmba Goalkeeper Punched Ball Boy That Triggered Violence In Katsina


Fatau-DaudaThe violence that erupted at the Muhammed Dikko Stadium after visiting team Enyimba lost 1-2 to Katsina United was triggered by the goalkepper of the Aba side Fatai Dauda.

Ade Emmanuel who was at the game for Owngoalnigeria.com says the Ghanaian out of frustration hit out at a ball boy with his elbow after Udechukwu Chinedu scored the winning goal for the home side with six minutes left to play.

Dauda was infuriated by the antics of the ball boy who celebrated the second goal wildly, and the goalkepper angrily tried to collect a ball held by the ball boy, and in the process swung his elbow at the ball boy.

The poor lad received first aid treatment before he was whisked away in the Ambulance at the stadium, minutes later pictures emerged of the youngster in the intensive care unit of an unnamed hospital receiving treatment.

” The moment that happened, we at the stadium knew there was going to be problem at the end, Dauda was escorted into the dressing room by policemen and steward. The fans couldn’t get close to him.

” However, the barbaric act happened few metres away from the gate when irate fans of the home side threw stones at the bus of Enyimba, particularly in the direction where Dauda sat, they smashed the glasses on the window of the car, first at a distance then later on when the bus stopped at a traffic spot.

” What is clear to all is that Dauda was the target of the fans, because Enyimba came in three cars, none bar the bus carrying Dauda was touched. He was the target”.



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