NYSC | Corper’s Finger Chopped Off In Katsina For Living In The Same House With A Male Corper-Viewer Discretion Advised


A corps member serving in Katsina state have raised alarm after indigenes attacked two corps members, cutting off the thumb of one of them.

According to the report, the corps member’s finger was cut off because she lives with a fellow corps member [a man] she is not married to!The Katsina corps member, Ikenna Adol Madu cried out below in a Facebook post he made…


“I want to use this medium to inform the federal government, state government here in Katsina state and NYSC Director General to come to our rescue here in Katsina state as a result of the incessant attack against the corpers serving in Katsina state. Our lives are no longer safe and we are living in a state of quagmire. Last night some corpers were attacked both boys and girls and the worse part of it is that a girl’s hand was cut off for no reason. Senate and house of rep, please do something about it and do not sit down and watch ur sons and daughters that u spent huge amount of money to train in University to die like chicken. God we need ur help, please come and safe our lives. Please our parents out there, pray to God always to safe our lives”

Katsina State is Muslim dominated state with a strict conservative culture, the state is known for its reach hospitality towards visitors but the actions of a few to launch an attack to corps members serving in the state for allegedly living together in the same apartment is barbaric and inhuman.

Source: Giftadenenews.com





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